BBC World Features Eric LeCompte for 6 Minute Segment on Global COVID Economic Solutions

BBC's Business Matters interviews Eric Lecompte on the urgent need for international action on debt relief in developing and middle-income countries. Click here to listen to the episode from 4:00 to 9:44. 

IMF: Rich world recovering faster than expected

By BBC Business Matters

Selected Statements from Eric LeCompte 

"These middle-income developing countries have stronger economies than the 77 poorest countries in the world, and right now, these particular countries are looking at the highest risk in terms of growing poverty rates, famine rates, and job loss."

"At the same time, these middle-income developing countries are also countries that have been left out of solutions proposed so far by the G20 and IMF in terms of aid packages and debt relief."

"We have seen a quite significant global conversation take place on expanding debt relief and increasing aid for the developing world."

"We see that the G20, as well as the IMF, are much more serious about ensuring that there is debt cancellation for the poorest countries."

"It's the developing middle-income countries that are going to see some of the most significant suffering, and that's where we need to move and increase debt relief measures."


Click here to listen to the episode from 4:00 to 9:44.