Before the next hurricanes come...

Friends -

Struggling with high poverty rates, islands across the Caribbean are still recovering from a brutal hurricane season.

The next hurricane season begins in two months and we really need your help.

Because of our efforts together, we've seen progress on debt relief and aid for Dominica and Puerto Rico, for Barbuda and the US Virgin Islands. But we have much more we need to do before the next hurricane season starts in two months. Please make a tax-deductible donation to Jubilee USA to support our strategic efforts that win economic policies that will protect vulnerable communities before the next disaster strikes.

Since the hurricanes hit last fall, together we moved the White House, Congress, G20, United Nations and International Monetary Fund to follow our call and take action. Now new policies we campaigned on for years are finally being debated for debt relief and austerity prevention after disasters hit worldwide.

Our partners across the Caribbean are calling for debt, tax, transparency and trade policies that protect the poor in the face of crisis. We have a brief window to move Congress, the IMF and United Nations.

Please join me and make a donation to Jubilee USA today. Whether you can donate $5, $25 or $500, your support is needed now to win critical debt, tax and transparency campaigns—before the next hurricane hits.

We are so grateful for your partnership.

To our many friends and partners celebrating the hope and promise of Passover and Easter, we at Jubilee USA celebrate with you.

Happy Passover, Happy Easter!



Eric LeCompte
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