Bloomberg and Yahoo Finance feature Eric LeCompte's analysis of G20 Finance Ministers Meeting

Bloomberg and Yahoo Finance featured Eric LeCompte's analysis of what happened at the G20 finance minister meeting this weekend and what it means for debt relief efforts in the next few months. Read the full story here.

G-20 to Make Debt Relief Extension Call Closer to Year End

By Eric Martin and William Horobin

However, the commitments made at Saturday’s meeting may not yet go far enough, according to Jubilee USA Network, a nonprofit group that advocates for debt relief for smaller economies.

“Given the severity of the current crisis, we hoped we’d see more action,” Jubilee’s Eric LeCompte said in a statement.

LeCompte highlighted as a positive the G-20’s stronger language Saturday in its communique, where it “strongly encouraged” private creditors to join the debt suspension initiative. That was a more forceful appeal than in April, when the nations said they would “call on” the private sector to participate. That’s important because some private sector creditors have been resisting the debt relief process, he said.

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