Tell the Senate to include Student Debt Relief in Stimulus Package

Urgent Student Debt Stimulus Action: Student debt relief is now being debated in stimulus package negotiations on Capitol Hill. President Trump just indicated that student debt relief measures passed in the Spring could be extended in the final Congressional package. This is thanks to Jubilee USA's bipartisan efforts and now we need you to take action.

Call the Capitol Switchboard 202-224-3121 and ask for your Senators. You will need to call twice to reach each of your US Senators.  If you need help finding your Senators, you can ask the Capitol Switchboard attendant by telling them what state you reside in or use this link.


"Thank you for taking my call. I live in your state, my name and address is______________. I want the Senator to pass a stimulus package that:

1.) Extends the student debt payment moratorium through the end of this year and 2021 in final stimulus legislation,
2.) Includes the class of 2020,
3.) Cancels student debt for those struggling most,
4.) Suspends payments of private student loans and
5.) Expands bankruptcy law to cover student debt."