Crux Quotes Eric LeCompte on Letter to President Biden from PR and US Religious Leaders

Crux quotes Eric LeCompte on the Puerto Rico letter sent to President Biden from major religious leaders. Read an excerpt below, and click here for the full story.

Catholic leaders call on Biden to rescue reeling Puerto Rico

By: John Lavenburg

In a conversation with Crux, Eric LeCompte notes that Puerto Rico already has a significant pharmaceutical manufacturing sector. In 2006, when Section 936 – a provision that gave companies that set up shop in Puerto Rico tax exemptions – was phased out by the federal government it meant “overnight 100,000 well-paying jobs left Puerto Rico,” LeCompte said.

“Puerto Rico already has the facilities, the expertise, the manufacturing infrastructure that there are ways to immediately activate Puerto Rico to be able to work on COVID response, the production of personal protective equipment, the ability to manufacture vaccines,” he said.

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