Crux Features Jubilee USA Network and Eric LeCompte on Puerto Rico's Economic Crisis

Crux features Jubilee USA Network and Eric LeCompte on the topic of Puerto Rico's increasingly severe economic challenges in light of efforts in creating debt restructuring plans. Read an excerpt below, and click here for the full article.

Puerto Rico ‘at a crossroads’ as economic crisis takes toll

By John Lavenburg

“We’re at a crossroads,” Eric LeCompte, executive director of Jubilee USA Network told Crux.

“If Puerto Rico receives more economic shocks – natural disasters, the COVID-19 pandemic – without more aid or resources, it’s really going to get much worse,” LeCompte said. “On the other hand, if Puerto Rico gets the resources it needs to deal with disaster relief, child poverty, climate, to be able to support new jobs; if these things move forward not only will it help make Puerto Rico’s debt sustainable, but it will ensure there’s positive economic growth.”

Jubilee USA Network is a faith-based organization that promotes debt relief around the world. Since 2014 it has monitored Puerto Rico’s financial and debt crisis, growing child poverty rates and policy implementation and has advocated alongside Puerto Rico’s religious leaders.


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