Dealing with Sovereign Debt Distress: Case Studies, Causes and Solutions

IMF/World Bank Annual Spring Meetings 

Friday April 12, 2019,
2:00 pm - 3:30 pm
Building I2 Room 250
Eric LeCompte, Jubilee USA Network 
Fanwell Kenala Bokosi, AFRODAD  
Mark Flanagan, IMF Debt Policy Division
Patricia Miranda, Latindadd
Sponsors: Jubilee USA Network, AFRODAD, Latindadd, Brot für die Welt
New debt case studies and analysis for Latin America, Africa and the Caribbean will be presented during this panel. Debt and finance experts will discuss current debt crises and debt distress facing countries. Causes, prevention measures and solutions will be debated. In light of new debt reports, this panel will review policies including: debt restructuring, debt sustainability, tax and transparency, trade agreements and responsible borrowing and lending.