Campaigns moving fast, we need your help...


I'm just back from the United Nations General Assembly where we addressed Heads of State and world leaders on climate driven weather events, tax havens, rising debt levels and combating the causes of global child poverty.

We shared how debt, tax, trade and transparency policies translate into developing countries losing money. When countries lose money they are unable to respond to natural disasters or meet the Sustainable Development Goals. This means - according to UNICEF, that 22,000 children die under the age of 5 every single day in our world because of poverty.

We need your help urgently as several of our campaigns move forward to address the root causes of poverty. We need your help as we move forward campaigns that make sure countries can deal with the impacts of climate driven weather events and disasters. Your donation to support Jubilee USA's campaigns is DOUBLED now and is tax-deductible.

Our debt relief efforts for Somalia are gaining momentum. Congress will soon vote on the Corporate Transparency Act to combat financial secrecy, protect debt relief monies and prevent human trafficking. Your e-mails, calls and organizing this summer meant we won debt and disaster relief for Puerto Rico. Our Puerto Rico efforts are vital now as new debt plans are released and we need to win billions more in disaster aid.

When you donate to Jubilee USA, we can:

  • Pass the Corporate Transparency ACT

  • Push for a new NAFTA trade deal that ensures vulnerable populations and all who need life-saving medicines can access the medicines they need

  • Win debt relief for Somalia

  • Move forward debt and disaster relief for Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands

  • Further our efforts to address student debt, predatory debt collection and payday lending

Please join me and make a tax-deductible contribution to Jubilee USA that will be matched and doubled. We need to raise money so we can move forward our urgent strategic campaigns.

Your partnership propels our efforts to build an economy that lifts, protects and promotes the participation of the most vulnerable.



Eric LeCompte
Executive Director