For the record books...


Today we are releasing our 2019 year-end report.

It's a year for the record books:

  • We passed our bipartisan Jubilee Corporate Transparency Act in the House of Representatives and won White House and Treasury support. After a decade of work, our legislation reveals the true owners of “anonymous” shell companies, stops human traffickers, defends vulnerable communities and protects development aid and debt relief.

  • We won more than $69 billion in disaster aid for Puerto Rico, Minnesota, Texas, Iowa, Florida and other US States recovering from natural disasters. We expedited aid for Puerto Rico.

  • Our messages to Congress successfully pushed the advisers of Puerto Rico’s debt restructuring to disclose conflicts of interest and stopped $8 billion dollars of bad debt being paid.

  • We won support for Somalia debt relief from the White House, State Department, Treasury, IMF and World Bank.

  • We moved the White House to support a new NAFTA agreement to stop “vulture funds” and protect vulnerable people.

  • Pope Francis and the Vatican highlighted our analysis on debt, tax, climate, trade
    and corruption.

  • During the Spring IMF and World Bank meetings, Jubilee USA organized the main
    event for world leaders on stopping financial and debt crises.

  • Our Jubilee USA efforts to end poverty were covered in tens of thousands of newspapers, magazines and television programs around the world.

Please read our full 2019 year-end report.

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