Our Moment


It's hard to believe that after 10 years of work, Jubilee USA's Corporate Transparency Act could finally become law. But together, we again made what seemed impossible, possible.

In addition to our upcoming Senate transparency vote, we prepare for three more imminent Congress votes on Puerto Rico aid, Somalia debt relief and a new NAFTA trade agreement.

It's our moment.

It's also our busiest December on record.

As we successfully move Congress, the White House and world leaders on our bipartisan, interfaith Jubilee USA efforts - we must raise at least $100,000 dollars before year-end.

So - when you join me and make a year-end tax-deductible gift to Jubilee USA today, we can focus more on winning and less on fundraising. Your donation right now is matched and doubles our impact.

Whether that gift is $50, $15, $500, $150 or any amount - it's doubled and immediately supports our strategic and transformative efforts that impact billions of people living in poverty.