Together, we can win...


Because of your actions and support, this summer our Jubilee USA campaigns are bearing fruit.

Our debt relief efforts for Somalia are gaining momentum. Congress introduced the Corporate Transparency Act to combat financial secrecy, protect debt relief monies and prevent human trafficking. Your e-mails and calls to Congress this summer secured more than $8 billion in debt relief and disaster aid for Puerto Rico.

Please join me and make a tax-deductible contribution to Jubilee USA today so we can continue to move forward strategic campaigns.   

Your gift now is matched and will double our impact this fall. 

When you donate to Jubilee USA, we can: 

  • Win debt relief for Somalia. Three quarters of Somalia's population lives in poverty and is still recovering from war and instability. This Fall, your gift means we can continue our work on a global bankruptcy process, responsible lending and debt and disaster relief campaigns for Mozambique and Caribbean islands. 


  • Pass the Corporate Transparency Act. This legislations stops "Panama Papers" financial secrecy. This behavior facilitates the theft of debt relief aid, human trafficking and contributes to the loss of more than a trillion dollars of revenue in the developing world. With your support, we can get this legislation signed into law in the next year.


  • Move forward debt and disaster relief for Puerto Rico. Already our efforts together won $50 billion in aid and moved forward a super bankruptcy process for the island. Your gift means we can win debt relief, stop austerity policies, audit the debt and win the $70 billion in recovery aid Puerto Rico still needs.


  • Push for a new NAFTA trade deal that ensures vulnerable populations and all who need life-saving medicines can access the medicines they need. Working together, we already moved the White House to eliminate harmful provisions in trade agreements that favor predatory, debt-collecting hedge funds and abusive corporations.


  • Further our efforts to address student debt, predatory debt collection and payday lending. Working together, we ensured certain types of student loans had low interest rates. When you donate to Jubilee USA now, it means our bipartisan, interfaith work can build bridges to protect students and consumers.


Please make a contribution to Jubilee USA so we can move forward our strategic, critical campaigns this fall. Your gift is doubled and matched now.



Eric LeCompte
Executive Director