El Nuevo Dia Quotes Eric LeCompte on Puerto Rico Adjustment Plan

El Nuevo Dia quoted Eric LeCompte in an article about the Puerto Rico Adjustment Plan. Read the article here.

They fear that the Adjustment Plan will impose “unsustainable payments” on the central government of Puerto Rico

The Power4PuertoRico coalition affirmed today, Wednesday, that the central government's Adjustment Plan imposes on the island government "unsustainable payments for decades with few or no reforms to improve service delivery."

Meanwhile, the Jubilee USA network indicated that they remain "concerned about some of the assumptions of the debt agreement." “The island's ability to resume growth and avoid cuts in anti-poverty programs are of primary concern,” said Eric LeCompte, executive director of JubileeUSA.

For LeCompte, "although there is room for optimism, only time can tell if the debt cuts were deep enough to prevent Puerto Rico from needing another debt restructuring in a few years."