Enough 4 All, GivingTuesday Gift


On #GivingTuesday, I'm asking you to make a gift to Jubilee USA Network to help us build a world where everyone has enough.

Over the last year, with your partnership, we won hundreds of billions for developing countries, a new UN climate fund to help developing countries address climate change damage and new tax and trade agreements that protect people. Our proposals won debt relief for the world's most vulnerable countries. In Puerto Rico, legislation we won yielded a debt settlement slashing two-thirds of the territory’s debt payments. This year, we also introduced historic New York legislation to win debt relief, protect US taxpayers and address supply shocks.

With a pandemic crisis that continues in many developing countries, the war in Ukraine, rising cost of living and energy and food shortages - your support is needed for us to continue our efforts.

Over the next year, the G20, G7 and IMF make the next round of decisions regarding developing country debt, protecting our planet and global economic crises solutions.

Please join me and make a tax-deductible gift on #GivingTuesday so Jubilee USA continues our vital efforts on pandemic response, debt relief and winning solutions to prevent future crisis. Donations are doubled now.

In solidarity,

Eric LeCompte
Executive Director