Puerto Rico Religious Leaders and Eric LeCompte Appear on Major Telemundo Television Segment

Jubilee USA Network Executive Director Eric LeCompte was featured in a June 14 Telemundo broadcast discussing recently decided Puerto Rican pension agreements. In a press conference, LeCompte and several faith leaders from the island praised the agreements as  positive step forward in addressing Puerto Rico’s unmanageable debt. Read an excerpt from the broadcast below, and follow this link to the full video.

Catholics endorse agreements with the JCF in defense of pensions

San Juan - Members of the organization Jubilee USA Network - which brings together 75 organizations and 700 faith communities in the United States - met this week with the executive director of the Fiscal Control Board, Natalie Jaresko and the member of the federal entity created by the PROMESA Law, David Skeel. They expressed their desire that the cut to the debt is of 80 percent, as it was posed prior to the passing of hurricanes Irma and Maria.

"We should see cuts of 80 cents in debt. 30 cents is a sin. It's wrong, it's immoral," said Eric LeCompte, spokesman for Jubilee.

Le Compte also spoke about the pre-agreements reached by trade union organizations. He mentioned that in previous situations where a Fiscal Board has been imposed, pension cuts have been massive.

"The agreements on pensions are very good and they are the best we have seen compared to other parts of the world. We hope that they will be ratified and that the money that was stolen from the pensioners will be returned to them, "he said.

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