Eric LeCompte speaks on KPFA News about the G20 and pandemic response

Eric LeCompte spoke on KPFA's evening news show about the role of the G20 in pandemic response. Read an excerpt below and click here to listen to the full show.

The KPFA Evening News (Saturday) – February 19, 2022

Selected Statements from Eric LeCompte

"We were expecting stronger language on pandemic response, on vaccines as well as debt relief."
"Right now, the majority of the world's countries, which are developing countries, are either in or facing financial crisis."

"The finance ministers of the G20, who make most of the decisions for the world, including decisions for the developing countries, fell short at these meetings at delivering strongly on debt relief, ensuring vaccines are getting to developing countries, as well as a more robust response on getting aid to these countries as they are facing crisis."

Listen more here from 25:24 till 22:50.