Eric LeCompte Featured in Podcast "Cable a tierra" on New Debt Relief Efforts

Nuestramerica.TV's Cable a tierra with James Mencias features Jubilee USA's executive director Eric LeCompte on the new issuance of Special Drawing Rights to aid developing countries with debt relief. Click here to listen to the episode. 

EP. 4 Dinero sin deuda: ¿Es posible?

By James Mencias 

Selected Statements from Eric LeCompte

"We are looking at the issue of Special Drawing Rights right now in which we are working towards the issuance of $650 billion new SDRs. That means, right away, that there will be $224 billion available for middle- and low-income developing countries.

"It is incredibly exciting because most of these countries can make use of these new available resources for the acquisition of vaccines, debt payments, tackling poverty, or funding social programs.

"About $420 billion of the new SDRs will go to the developed world. Nonetheless, there is a process moving forward in the International Monetary Fund in which those new reserve funds will be donated to the developing world so that more resources are available to fight the pandemic."


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