Eric LeCompte Featured in Reuters on New IMF Trust

Reuters features Eric LeCompte and Jubilee USA Network on the IMF's new trust regarding pandemic aid and climate change. 

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Exclusive - IMF eyes new trust to provide aid to broader group of countries - Georgieva

By Andrea Shalal

The IMF expects its board to formally approve the $650 billion SDR allocation in August, paving the way for member countries to donate their unneeded reserves to others in need.

The previously unreported new trust could help broaden the effort and make funds available to more countries, and for broader initiatives, in line with global goals for combating climate change.

Eric LeCompte, an adviser to the United Nations and executive director of Jubilee USA Network, said the IMF’s work on the new trust marked “significant progress” for many middle income countries also hit hard by the pandemic.

“It means that more countries with needs can get aid and resources to get through the pandemic,” he said.


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