The Fence Post quotes Eric LeCompte on Disaster Aid Package

Eric LeCompte was recently quoted by the Fence Post on the disaster aid package in Congress, especially on the effects the legislation would have in Puerto Rico. Read an excerpt below and follow this link to the full article.

Senate passes disaster aid, Congress heads home

The Senate package includes $600 million in disaster food assistance and another $300 million in housing rebuilding funds for Puerto Rico. It also would expedite allocation of $8.9 billion Congress has already passed for the territory.

“Millions of Americans are suffering and this disaster relief plan is urgently needed,” noted Eric LeCompte, who leads the religious development group Jubilee USA.

“We applaud Senate leaders and the White House for agreeing on a disaster deal,” he said. “In Puerto Rico alone, more than a million Americans lost disaster food assistance in March and that aid is finally restored.”


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