Ethiopia is currently in arbitration with two Vulture Fund companies, Kintex and Yugoimport. This arbitration makes the situation especially problematic for Ethiopia because there are very few ways to dispute the outcome of cases. Kintex picked up a share of debt worth a sum of $8.7 million dollars. Currently, it is seeking to claim that amount, which Ethiopia will be required to pay. YugoI\import held debt worth a total of $122 million and is now aiming to turn a large profit by seeking $178 million dollars, much more than the original worth of the debt. These sums add up to be much more than Ethiopia can afford to pay without severely damaging the lives of its people. Ethiopia already struggles to meet the needs of its people due to debt. More than a third of its people live in poverty, and there is very little infrastructure. As a qualifying HIPC country, it has seen some of its debt cancelled by creditor countries, but these debt cancellation requirements do not govern private companies. As a result, Kintex and Yugoimport can seek to claim whatever money they care to, turning a blind eye to the people who will suffer, starve, or die as a result.