Historic 2020 Jubilee News Coverage


This year hasn't been easy. We've lost too many Jubilee USA friends this year to the coronavirus, inequality is rising and more of us are struggling.

In spite of this, we seized this year to fight for our survival, to protect the poor and our planet. We won multiple coronavirus and stimulus campaigns throughout 2020.

From the Wall Street Journal to Fox News to the Financial Times, the New York Times and your local paper - this year, Jubilee USA appeared in hundreds of thousands of newspapers and shows on our debt, tax, trade, transparency, coronavirus response and Puerto Rico efforts. 

Below you can find a sampling of how the global media told our Jubilee USA 2020 story.



Zachary Conti
Director of Policy and Advocacy
Twitter: @JubileeUSA


Devex World 2020: COVID-19, the SDGs, and the Development Finance Agenda Devex (December 10th) 

Devex World 2020: Live updates and news Devex (December 10th) 

Few results from G-20 meeting as decisions await new US administration Devex (November 24th)  

Saudi G20 summit pledges fair global vaccine access but stops short of developing world debt relief The Independent (November 22nd)  

G20 to extend debt relief to mid-2021, pushes private sector to help Reuters (November 22nd)

G20 determined to use all tools to contain pandemic, save jobs, incomes Reuters (November 20th)  

FCDO's foreign nationals policy, G-20 debt framework, and Iota's compounding impact: This week in development Devex (November 19th)  

Africa’s First Pandemic Default Tests New Effort to Ease Debt From China Wall Street Journal (November 18th)  

G20 Releases Debt Framework Details Devex (November 16th)  

World’s poorest countries get fresh debt relief hope from creditor nations Financial Times (November 13th)  

G20 strikes historic debt pact to help poorer states hit by COVID Reuters (November 13th)  

G-20 Looks to Deepen Debt Relief Drive With China’s Coordination Bloomberg (November 12th)  

IMF Eyes New Relationship With Biggest Shareholder After Biden Win US News and World Report (November 11th) 

Francis Names 13 New Cardinals, Including Washington's Archbishop Gregory National Catholic Reporter (October 25th) 

As World Bank pushes others on debt relief, it doesn't participate Devex (October 19th) 

Coronavirus Deals a Blow to Global Battle Against Poverty Wall Street Journal (October 18th) 

'Intense' G20 negotiations fall short on debt support expectations Devex (October 15th) 

IMF warns global economy could be permanently scarred Associated Press and other outlets (October 15th) 

G-20 Extends Debt Relief Plan Amid Warnings It’s Not Enough Bloomberg (October 14th)

G-20 Seen Extending Poor Nations’ Debt Relief Into Next Year Bloomberg (October 13th) 

IMF encourages countries affected by COVID to keep spending on safety net Marketplace (October 13th) 

Proposals and pressure mount for more action on COVID-19 financing Devex (October 5th) 

G7 ministers back extension of debt freeze for poorest nations, urge reforms Reuters (September 24th) 

Le candidat de Trump élu à la tête de la BID Les Echos (September 13th) 

Jubilee USA Network Works Internationally for Economic and Covid Relief Wort FM Radio (September 9th) 

UK aid cuts, G-20 debt delays, and the EU's budget deal: This week in development Devex (July 23th) 

Covid 19: G20 nations put off debt relief decisions until autumn meeting Vatican News (July 21st) 

G20 criticado por adiar decisão sobre extensão da moratória da dívida Sol (July 19th)  

G-20 to Make Debt Relief Extension Call Closer to Year End Bloomberg (July 18th) 

G20 finance officials poised to recommend extension of debt freeze Reuters (July 18th) 

G20 finance officials poised to recommend extension of debt freeze Bloomberg (July 17th) 

Puerto Rico experts, participants discuss its future The Bond Buyer (July 6th) 

PROMESA after four years: Key questions remain  The Bond Buyer (June 30th) 

World Bank chief calls for more private sector buy-in on G20 debt relief Reuters June 22)

An Interview with Eric LeCompte Catholic Profiles (June 14)

UN urges help for countries near ‘debt distress’ from virus Associated Press (June 3)

This crisis is hard on us. It’s even harder on countries that aren’t rich Marketplace (May 21)

 Debt relief needed to help poor nations in pandemic The Tablet (May 18)

Advocates seek debt relief to respond to pandemic Crux (May 15)

Private creditors push back against blanket debt relief for Africa Reuters (May 15)

The World’s Poor are Drowning in Debt. Here’s how to help them Barron’s (May 8)

High-profile economists back Argentina’s debt restructuring bid Buenos Aires Times (May 6)

Canje de deuda: Stiglitz, Sachs, Piketty y más de 130 economistas respaldaron la oferta argentina Pagina12 (May 6)

Restructuring Argentina’s Private Debt is essential Project Syndicate (May 6)

FMI da crédito de emergencia a Ecuador azotado por Covid y bajos precios del crudo Swissinfo (May 2)

Coronavirus could push Latin America, Caribbean into deepest recession since 1930s Miami Herald (April 27)

What will it take to fix flailing SDG funding? Devex (April 23)

Eric LeCompte: El Papa Francisco seguirá pidiendo el alivio de la deuda Perfil (April 22)

Motivation | Natalie Herder The Select 7 (April 21)

IMF, World Bank Pledge Help Amid Calls For More Debt Relief The Jamaica Gleaner (April 19)

G20, IMF deliver on debt relief, but more is needed, experts say Devex (April 17)

World Business Report BBC World News (April 15)

‘Urgent action’ needed on debt relief for poor countries, expert says Crux (April 15)

G20 avala suspensión temporal del pago de la deuda para los países pobres France 24 (April 15)

FMI alivia deuda de 25 países pobres Inter Press Service (April 15)

G20 apoia suspensão por um ano do pagamento de dívida dos países pobres AFP (April 15)

G-20 has agreed to debt standstill for world’s poorest countries, IMF and World Bank heads say Marketwatch (April 15)

Faith groups, AFL-CIO urge U.S., IMF, G20 to cancel debt for poor countries Reuters (April 14)

IMF Predicts Global Coronavirus Crisis Akin to the Great Depression US News and World Report (April 14)

IMF Announces Debt Relief for African Nations to Fight Pandemic Voice Of America (April 14) 

IMF cancels debt payments for 6 months for 25 poor nations Associated Press (April 13)

Amid Pandemic IMF & G20 Called on to Cancel Poorest Nations’ Unsustainable Debt Between the Lines (April 13)

Ilhan Omar Joins Global Call for Debt Relief as Coronavirus Threatens to Push Developing Nations 'Over the Edge' Common Dreams (April 13)

IMF to provide debt relief to help 25 countries deal with pandemic Reuters (April 13)

'Force of nature' Georgieva leads IMF through coronavirus storm Yahoo Finance (April 13)

Bishop, faith groups urge Trump to support debt relief for poor nations Crux (April 10)

IMF’s Georgieva creates external advisory panel on pandemic Reuters (April 10)

Global Business, Workers, Civil Society Join Call for Debt Relief for Poorer Nation Reuters (April 10)

Catholic bishops, faith groups urge Trump to back debt relief for poor countries Reuters (April 9)

Eric Lecompte Interview Voice of America (April 7)

IMF working to support Georgian economy amid coronavirus crisis Click Lancashire (April 4)

The church after coronavirus: new understandings of social mission National Catholic Reporter (April 3)

Declare a jubilee: Pandemic is time to forgive debts, cardinal suggests Catholic News Service (April 1)

IMF head says global economy now in recession Associated Press (March 27)

COVID-19 is hitting Caribbean and Latin American economies hard. Can they survive? The Miami Herald (March 27)

Leaders on Global Finance reform meet at Vatican Catholic Philly (Feb 6)

Game changers: Vatican opens doors to leaders ready for finance reform The Dialog (Feb 6)

Pope’s direct experience of financial crisis informs views on economy, expert says  Crux (Feb 5)

Pope Francis gets involved in Argentina’s debt relief National Catholic Reporter (Feb 5)

The convergence: Third-world debt and the climate crisis are intimately connected Salon (January 26)

IMF boss says global economy risks return of Great Depression The Guardian (January 17)