The Intercept Talks with Eric LeCompte about Puerto Rico

Eric LeCompte, Executive Director of Jubilee USA was recently featured in Common Dreams speaking on Puerto Rico. Read excerpt below and follow link to full article.

Puerto Rico is On Track for Historic Debt Forgiveness -- Unless Wall Street Gets its Way

By: Kate Aronoff

"'Now that the hurricanes have happened, and we understand the level of devastation that has taken place on the island, the bankruptcy process that’s in place under Swain now has to take into account this new reality,' LeCompte tells me. 'For Puerto Rico, that means a much bigger haircut than we were looking at beforehand.'

According to LeCompte, there are a couple of ways that forgiveness or cancellation could play out. Beyond outright forgiveness, one idea that’s been popular even among some bondholders is to repackage any remaining debt into a bond that would only be repaid once Puerto Rico crosses a certain threshold of GDP growth. A less likely scenario — though one LeCompte advised to look out forand Trump himself may have suggested — could see Congress pass a bail-out for bondholders, pouring federal funds into recouping their losses. Another recourse for creditors, he tells me, 'is trying to get Congress to amend or change PROMESA legislation to disempower the bankruptcy process.'"

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