U.S. News Talks with Eric LeCompte about Obama Administration Economic Policies

Eric LeCompte, Executive Director of Jubilee USA was recently featured in U.S. News speaking on the election, and the economic policies of the Obama Administration. Read excerpt below and follow link to full article.

Financial Crisis the 'Specter Haunting' Obama's Economic Legacy

By: Andrew Soergel

"'On trade issues, I think the Obama administration failed on what they wanted to move forward,' says Eric LeCompte, executive director of Jubilee USA faith-based financial reform non-profit, describing initiatives like the TPP as 'controversial across the left and the right.' 'And as we transition into a new administration, who we certainly expect to work with, it'll be really interesting to see how they handle the trade issues. Broadly, we know that President-elect Trump was very critical of the trade issues pushed by Obama.'

LeCompte's organization worked with and provided input to the Obama administration on debt, tax and trade policies over the past eight years, helping to orchestrate bankruptcy legislation for Puerto Rico and the stemming of illicit financial flows popularized in part by the release of the Panama Papers.

'One of the global challenges that really came to light under the Obama administration was illicit financial flows. We've seen those emerge as front page stories around the globe,' LeCompte says. 'There are criticisms that suggest he should have done more on these transparency and tax issues. But we've seen this move forward.'

But on a handful of issues, LeCompte points to the idea that Obama's efforts were at times hindered by opposition from both the right and the left – highlighting the difficult political environment of the Obama years."

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