Financial Times Features Aldo Caliari's Letter On the Sovereign Debt Stability Act

The Financial Times features Aldo Caliari's letter in response to Leland Goss' letter "Flaws in New York State’s well-intended debt plan." Read an excerpt below, or the full article here.

Letter: No surprise unions back New York State’s debt plan

By Aldo Caliari

Leland Goss (“Flaws in New York State’s well-intended debt plan”, Letters, March 13) mischaracterises important aspects of the proposed New York State legislation.

The reference to “equitable burden-sharing” is part of a definition that actually, read in full, simply refers to the rules set by international debt relief initiatives. The bill does not create any new standard, but incorporates what is state of the art in the international community’s approach to resolving debt crises, and is crafted to dynamically capture its expected evolution. This includes any shaping of the standards to emerge from the G20-led Global Sovereign Debt Roundtable, and other attempts at building consensus among creditors and sovereign borrowers.

The protection the bill provides to debtors faced with a lawsuit will disincentivise rather than lead to more litigation, thus encourage engagement of all private creditors in negotiations.


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