Fund Relief for Puerto Rico and USVI


In the President’s State of the Union address, he told disaster victims from Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands “we are with you, we love you and we will pull through this together.”

Unfortunately Disaster victims from California to Puerto Rico are still waiting for Congress to authorize relief and rebuilding funds. 

The Senate still has not voted on the recovery package for disaster victims. Their next deadline to act is February 9th to avert a government shutdown. Send a message to Congress: the people of Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands need relief. 

More than four months has passed since Hurricane Maria landed in Puerto Rico, devastating the island. Much of the island is still without power, hospitals lack supplies and personnel to adequately care for the sick. Murders and suicides are at record levels.

The effects of the storm are heartbreaking in the US Virgin Islands, where power is still not completely restored and many homes and buildings are still without roofs. These islands will not be able to withstand the next storm if they do not receive the help and aid that many in Washington promised. Hold Congress and the White House to their word by calling on them now to act and provide the relief the islands need. 

Your voice matters. Now is the time to act. Congress must pass another spending bill before February 9th to keep the government open. Send a message to Congress for hurricane victims in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.

We know that the pressure we’ve been putting on Congress is having an effect, but we need your help. Please act now and share this message with your friends and family.



Kate Zeller
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