Won, Lost, Still Fighting for G20/IMF Pandemic Response: Lives, Livelihoods and Planet


In recent weeks world leaders met at the IMF, G20, World Bank and United Nations Climate Conference on decisions affecting our lives, livelihoods and planet. All of the decisions are more urgent given the Ukraine war and that the pandemic deepened poverty, inequality and crises around the world and across the United States.

In the earliest days of the coronavirus pandemic, we took action together. We mapped out a plan to win solutions to resolve the current crisis and prevent the next crisis.

Together - we won hundreds of billions in new aid and debt relief for pandemic response. We won new processes to lift the vulnerable, share vaccines, fight the impacts of climate change and resolve debt crises. We need to ask you to do more as we need more progress. Sign our petition to the IMF and G20 to cancel debt, expand crisis aid, bolster global healthcare and provide the resources to protect our planet.

Because of our work together, we won $230 billion for developing countries and another $100 billion in commitments (Special Drawing Rights). As of this week, we have a new fund for developing countries to fight the impacts of climate change. We won new tax and trade agreements. We gained debt relief for the world's most vulnerable countries and a new developing country debt process. Using bankruptcy legislation we won, Puerto Rico slashed its debt payments by two-thirds. Now, our historic legislation is introduced in New York to win debt relief, protect US taxpayers and address supply shocks.

Unfortunately, developing countries still face lost decades of development and aid and climate commitments are moving too slowly. The new debt relief processes are still not producing enough debt relief fast enough. We need to win hundreds of billions in resources to resolve the current economic and climate crises and meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Thanks for your partnership,

Aldo Caliari
Senior Director of Policy and Strategy


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