Next Steps: G20 Kicks COVID Crisis Decisions to Fall


Given the severity of the current coronavirus crisis, we hoped we'd see more G20 action today. Since February your actions have won a lot - but now that major decisions will be later this year and next year, we can't slowdown our efforts.

Over the last week, Finance Ministers and the World Bank expressed hope the debt payment suspension we won for the 73 poorest countries would be extended into next year. France's Finance Minister says we almost have an agreement. Unfortunately, decisions on further debt payment suspensions, permanent reductions of debt, trillions of dollars of needed aid and extending debt relief to more struggling countries will be left for meetings later this year.

Positively, the G20 Finance Ministers heeded our call for stronger language on the need for the private sector to participate in debt payment relief initiatives for the world's poorest countries. The G20 wants to see more aid options for countries that need help from the IMF in the Fall. This is an allusion to accessing global reserve funds or what's known as the Special Drawing Rights. We also saw the G20 respond to our call on strengthening global anti-corruption and anti-money laundering laws.

Now we need to prepare for the next phase of action. 

The thousands of petitions you generated and our G20 letter signed by hundreds of religious, labor, human rights, development and labor groups was covered this morning in Fox News, Reuters and the New York Times.

Also - our opinion on today's G20 Finance Minister Meeting was given the famous "last word" in thousands of news outlets, like Bloomberg.

We need your help to continue these actions and our advocacy through the Fall and the new year when the next decisions will be made. The United Nations General Assembly meets in September. However the next round of decisions on coronavirus health and economic solutions most likely will take place at the October IMF and World Bank meetings and November G20 meetings. 

We need to win our Jubilee USA proposals on expanded debt relief, trillions of dollars of aid for countries that need it and processes to curb tax evasion and corruption. We need to enact market and financial crisis protections. We need to move forward emergency access to the global reserve funds or what's known as the Special Drawing Rights. It's up to us to ensure that all people and our planet can emerge with more resilience and we have the tools in place to prevent the next crisis.

Please sign-up to be a part of our annual Jubilee Weekend that takes places as world leaders will make the next round of decisions, the October World Bank and IMF meetings. Our weekend's theme is "Jubilee Weekend: Curing Poverty, Inequality and the Coronavirus." Be a part of hundreds of events that include webinars, petition drives and prayer services.

Some people will organize virtual discussion groups and petition drives. Hundreds of faith communities will include a prayer or special action during their worship services. Please sign-up as we move world leaders on our coronavirus crisis solutions.

In the coming weeks we'll also need your help on several Congressional and stimulus votes. Be on the look out for action alerts on Puerto Rico, student debt, our Jubilee Anti-Money Laundering Act and ratifying all of the debt relief initiatives we won in April.

Finally, all gifts to Jubilee USA Network are doubled now. Please join me and make a contribution to support our coronavirus campaigns.

So grateful for your partnership,


Eric LeCompte
Executive Director

Twitter: @Eric_LeCompte