Will the G20 Support New Debt and Tax Policies‎ to Tackle Inequality?

The G20 meets in Hamburg, Germany for their annual meetings.

Eric LeCompte, Executive Director of the religious development group Jubilee USA, releases the following statement:

“When we look at how the G20 is trying to tackle inequality and protect the world from financial crisis, we see some progress and we need to see some more action. 

"To prevent financial crisis we need global rules that stop corruption and tax avoidance. We need a global bankruptcy process that can prevent the next financial crisis from happening.  

"‎An important aspect of this summit is that G20 leaders are supporting new policies to prevent debt crisis. The new G20 Operational Guidelines for Sustainable Development call on G20 member countries to pass stronger laws to stop corruption and enforce responsible lending and borrowing.

"While the new G20 guidelines fall short on determining whether or not a country's debt is sustainable, the guidelines are progress in protecting vulnerable people from economic crisis."