G7 Commits to Stop Corruption and Tax Evasion‎, Fails on Famine Relief

The G7 concluded their meetings in Taormina, Italy and released their communique. 

Eric LeCompte, Executive Director of Jubilee USA, releases the following statement:

"We received a short communique from the G7 and it was too short on ambition and outcomes.

"The G7 is calling for corruption and tax evasion to be stopped in all of its forms. If we can tackle tax evasion and corruption, we could generate billions of dollars a year that is desperately needed in the developing world.

"It's critical for President Trump to support climate agreements. ‎We need to be thinking about our future generations. 

"Trade is at a standstill in the G7. We really need a new trade paradigm for ensuring that all people can live in dignity.

"While it's important that the G7 is raises concerns about the growing famine, ‎we need to see much more action. Debt relief for some countries could provide resources the people need."