Global Debt and Student Debt

As the global debt crisis spreads from the global South to the global North, we must continue to broaden our vision on a true jubilee

When talking with students across the country about the work of Jubilee USA, often, the first question asked is if our work is related to student debt and student loans. The student loan crisis is another opportunity to grow, bridge and strengthen our movement for responsible lending and borrowing around the globe. 

For nations in the global South:

  • We know that debt burdens nations - it prevents governments from providing access to healthcare, education and infrastructure. 
  • We know that instead of investing in their communities, nations pay back debts, most often due to arrears and interest rates. 

For students here in the United States:

  • We know that while a university degree grants greater access to better jobs, student loan debt affects where a graduate lives, the careers they may pursue, when to start a family, buy a home or car, or even save for retirement. And this affects the entire economy. 
  • We know that a change in interest rates may push students and families towards more private, risky, and irresponsible loans. 

Connect the movements. Prevent high interest rates that increase debts to unpayable and unsustainable levels and prevent all of our communities from being restored. 

Have your faith community incorporate a prayer into their service around student debt issues. 

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