Irma and Maria

Dear Friends, 

During the night, Category 5 Hurricane Maria slammed the tiny island nation of Dominica. We still can't reach our Jubilee partners on the island.

Please sign our petition to delay debt payments for islands affected by Hurricanes Irma and Maria. If you already signed please use the share link at the bottom of the petition to ask your friends, community and family to sign.

Days ago our friend Bishop Gabriel Malzaire, Dominica's Catholic leader, wrote the International Monetary Fund asking that they delay debt payments for islands affected by Hurricane Irma like Antigua and Barbuda. Sadly, the letter he wrote as the President of a conference of Caribbean Bishops, now applies to his home country of Dominica. With winds of 155 mph, this is the strongest hurricane to ever hit Dominica on record. Initial reports say the damage is overwhelming. 

This morning during UN General Assembly High-Level meetings at UN Headquarters in New York, Eric LeCompte, our executive director publicly called for an immediate debt payment moratorium for all hurricane-struck islands.

After hitting poor Barbuda again, Hurricane Maria barrels towards the US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. The US Virgin Islands is already reeling from Irma and a 100,000 American citizens on the USVI are praying another Category 5 storm won't hit again. Our Jubilee partners in Puerto Rico just told us that they expect the worse when Maria hits.

When you sign our petition, you are letting the White House and Congress know, that emergency grants are essential for the US Territories so they don't borrow more money for recovery. If you already signed, please use the share link on the petition page to ask others to sign.

We know our pressure is working. Please sign and share this alert so we can make sure our Caribbean neighbors get the aid they need, the aid they deserve. 


Kate Zeller
Campaign Director
Jubilee USA Network