Jubilee 2025, Peace, Darkness, Thanks, a World Where Everyone has Enough


As we celebrate this time to give thanks to our Creator for creating a world where there is enough for everyone, we acknowledge that we are living in a world of crisis and darkness - a world where too many are prevented from enough.

Our headlines this Thanksgiving are of wars in Israel, Gaza and Ukraine. We are living with food and fuel costs that are out of control. Poverty and inequality are on the rise. The most basic commitments we've worked for on the climate crisis seem distant and out of reach.

And yet - we give thanks for our community and what we've won over the last year and the last 25 years to lift millions out of poverty, create a path for kids to go to school who never would have gone to school, winning hundreds of billions in emergency pandemic funding, easing student debt and creating the proposals to protect our planet and stop global financial crisis. 

Thanks to you, we saw our biggest mobilization in New York, nationally and internationally. Thanks to you, we are taking on the broken policies of raising interest rates and the impacts on the vulnerable at home and abroad. Thanks to you, our organizing of religious leaders on domestic and global economic issues and moving forward aid for Puerto Rico has deep impacts. We can challenge world leaders for failing to move forward policies to protect the vulnerable and our planet because they won't decide while conflict and terror rage in Gaza and Israel

25 years ago, we began a global movement of unions, environmental organizations, business groups led by the world's largest global religious institutions. We called ourselves Jubilee 2000 as Muslims, Jews and Christians came together to move global policies to end financial crisis and fulfill our Creator's promise of a world where we all have enough and our earth is protected.

Now faith communities will lead unions, environmental organizations and the business to organize for Jubilee 2025. Jubilee 2025 is the next official Jubilee year that faith communities will celebrate as called for by Pope Francis. In preparation for the year - we are inviting you to sign-up your community, congregation, union or group to take action and join in prayer the last week of December through January.

Sign-up your congregation, union or organization to receive action and prayer resources to pray and act for a world where we all have enough and our planet is protected. 

As we build another great mobilization to end poverty, address inequality and protect our planet - your partnership is so needed.

Happy Thanksgiving,

Eric LeCompte
Executive Director
[email protected]

Twitter: @Eric_LeCompte

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