Jubilee USA End of Year Report

At Jubilee USA we have a lot to be grateful for this year. Because of our partnership our efforts increased transparency, stopped corruption, prevented financial crisis and protected vulnerable communities around the world.

Our "2017 Year End Report" highlights the reasons why we are so grateful this year. You can read how we stopped 'vulture funds,' won a super bankruptcy process for Puerto Rico and also introduced Republican and Democratic corporate transparency legislation to protect vulnerable communities. You will also learn how we moved the Trump White House and Congress.

In the report you will be able to read a month-by-month review of what we achieved together this year. In January we pushed Congress to protect corporate transparency requirements, in April we successfully defended consumer and anti-poverty protections, in May we won bankruptcy for Puerto Rico, in June we moved the White House to help stop global financial crisis and in September our team leaped into action to protect hurricane victims.

When you read our "2017 Year End Report," you will see images that define our year with Puerto Rico meetings and Congressional Briefings. You will also learn about how Jubilee congregations collected thousands of hurricane relief petitions and read about the thousands of media mentions, including our director Eric LeCompte's appearance on CNBC and his address to the United Nations.

Thanks again for making our work possible.


Jubilee USA End of Year Report 2017