Jubilee Weekend

The devastation in the Caribbean from hurricanes this year has been unprecedented and overwhelming. Entire islands have been left uninhabitable and too many lives were lost. Our partners from Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands, Dominica and Antigua and Barbuda are pleading for aid.

Our theme this year is Good News to the Poor.

Can your religious community commit to offering one prayer to win debt relief and aid for islands affected by hurricanes during your worship services the weekend of October 22nd through 24th? When you sign-up we'll send you sample prayers as well as additional materials for your worship service. 

Jubilee USA is excited to help you coordinate your prayer, service, or event for JubileeWeekend (October 20 - 22) this year! Please note that your community does not have to participate on the weekend of the 22nd - a prayer any time in 2017 is welcome. 

Sign up here and we’ll ensure you have the resources and support needed for a successful Jubilee Weekend.

If you have any questions, contact Jubilee USA Network by email at kate@jubileeusa.org or by phone at (202) 783-3566 x105 or (503) 936-7553.




 See list of participating congregations here