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As the Bahamas struggles to recover from Hurricane Dorian, we remember that this weekend marks the two year anniversary of Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands and Dominica ravaged by Hurricanes Irma and Maria. 

Some of the poorest places in the world continue to wrestle with high poverty rates, unsustainable debt levels and an inability to deal with extreme natural disasters driven by climate change. Mozambique, Puerto Rico, Somalia, the Bahamas and vulnerable communities around the world are suffering.

As the International Monetary Fund and World Bank meet, will you and your organization or faith community join us and say one prayer for Jubilee during Jubilee Weekend October 18th - 20th.

When you sign-up for Jubilee Weekend we'll send you a packet with sample prayers and actions that you and your group or faith community can use for Jubilee Weekend.

When you sign-up for Jubilee Weekend, your community can support our legislation, the Corporate Transparency Act so countries can raise revenue to deal with extreme weather events. Developing countries can not deal with climate driven weather events because they lose a trillion dollars because of tax evasion, corruption and high debts. When you participate in Jubilee Weekend you'll weigh in on votes in Congress this year on our legislation that protects debt relief, stops human trafficking, curbs revenue loss and protects vulnerable people from Medicare and Medicaid fraud.

Will you sign up your community to say one prayer for Jubilee Weekend to tackle climate driven extreme weather events from the Bahamas to Mozambique to Puerto Rico?

Join tens of thousands in prayer across the US by participating in Jubilee Weekend October 18th through 20th. Joining us on Jubilee Weekend moves Congress on global transparency and creating a new NAFTA agreement that ensures all people can access life saving medicines.

Your actions and prayer means we can move forward actions that protect the vulnerable in every corner of the globe.


Eric LeCompte
Executive Director