Jubilee Weekend 2021 - It's here!

Jubilee Weekend: A COVID Response that Shares Medicine, Ends Poverty and Protects our Planet - October 15-17, 2021

As world leaders decide on our Jubilee pandemic solutions this fall, sign up for Jubilee Weekend during the IMF and World Bank Meetings, October 15-17. The IMF meetings and the G20 meetings a few weeks later will be the most important meetings for Jubilee USA's pandemic response efforts on vaccines access, development aid, debt relief, tax reform and climate.

Sign up your group or faith community to pray, advocate, or take action to support the vulnerable.

Use the Jubilee 2021 Weekend Guide

We need your help to lift the voices of the faithful in defense of the world’s most vulnerable. With your help, we can expand vaccine access across the world, fight climate change and achieve debt relief and increase aid for developing countries for pandemic recovery efforts.

Join hundreds of faith communities taking action during October 15th - 17th. You can decide how you would like to participate – from offering a prayer for vaccine distribution or increased aid for developing countries to calling your members of Congress, signing a petition, hosting a discussion group or dedicating a worship service to debt relief or pandemic recovery. We will send you a packet of materials with ideas for how to take action.

This year is really important. The United Nations estimates that developing nations will lose $12 trillion through 2025 because they lack vaccines and resources to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. The International Labor Organization says 400 million jobs will be wiped out and the IMF asserts the current economic crisis rivals the Great Depression.

As coronavirus wreaks havoc around the globe, we need to make a strong call to bring the world together for a just and equitable recovery.

Please click here to sign up for Jubilee Weekend. Join Christian, Muslim, Jewish, and other faith communities as we pray and act for global policies that put an end to poverty, inequality, and the coronavirus.

Your congregation or organization can sign the COVID-19 Jubilee White House, IMF, G20 Letter

Sign the G20/IMF petition to cancel debt and expand aid to bolster health care for countries affected by COVID-19.  Print the petition out here.

Read our letter with the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops to President Biden.

See our joint letter on rechanneling SDRS.



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