Eric LeCompte Featured in Reuters on G20's Plan to Extended Debt Relief to Mid-2021

Reuters quotes Eric LeCompte as the G20 endorses an extension to the freeze in poor countries' official debt service payments into mid-2021. Read an excerpt below, and click here for the full story.

G20 to extend debt relief to mid-2021, pushes private sector to help

Eric LeCompte, a U.N. adviser and executive director of Jubilee USA Network, said the new framework would push the private sector to get involved because it made G20 debt relief contingent on countries asking for similar treatment from private creditors, but offered no guarantees.

He said the G20 initiative also left out countries that needed urgent help.

“Six of the 12 countries with the highest COVID death rates are middle-income countries, which remain outside the scope of the G20 debt process,” he said.

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