Big news, our analysis goes global, Barron's/Dow Jones


In recent weeks, Jubilee USA Network's views and our coronavirus campaigns appeared in more than 100,000 newspapers and TV and radio shows.

We just published this column in Barron's and Dow Jones. This syndicated column will appear in coming days in the global Wall Street Journal family of publications.

Click here and read our global analysis on what we won in our Jubilee USA coronavirus efforts, what we need to win in the next few months and our focus for the next few years in Barron's and Dow Jones. They took down the paywall in the world's most prestigious finance magazines. Just x out the ad and read our article.

Barron's dubbed our in-depth column titles like, Adam Smith and Pope Francis Agree, Let Countries Declare Bankruptcy and The World's Poor are Drowning in Debt.

When you read our column, we break down the short-term and long-term efforts we need to cure the economic and health impacts of the coronavirus, from taxes, corruption, using global financial reserves, debt laws and bankruptcy. 

Read our column and share it within your communities. When you go to Barron's, you can X away the ad and read our global analysis.

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Eric LeCompte
Executive Director