Senate Votes, Religious Letter, Action


Because of your calls, e-mails and actions, we are close to seeing Jubilee USA's Corporate Transparency Act become law. We won White House support and passed our legislation in the House of Representatives.

The last hurdle is the Senate.

Yesterday, we delivered our letter to the Senate with more than 80 national religious bodies and local churches, synagogues and Muslim groups urging passage of our Jubilee legislation. Religious groups including the National Council of Churches and the Evangelical Lutheran, United Methodist, Presbyterian, Episcopal and United Church of Christ Churches signed on.

From Utah to Georgia to Iowa, many of your faith communities signed the letter. Read the letter and the signatories.

If your faith community hasn't signed on to the letter yet, please sign up your faith community before we deliver an updated letter with new signers next week.

It will be more difficult for dictators to use shell companies to secretly steal debt relief and development aid with our Jubilee legislation. Human traffickers won't be able to use shell companies to hide their profits once this legislation passes the Senate. The legislation reveals the true owners of shell companies to law enforcement.

Even if you already e-mailed your Senators, please e-mail your Senators again and tell them to co-sponsor the Corporate Transparency Act and the ILLICIT CASH Act. You can only e-mail one Senator at a time - so please click the link again after sending your first e-mail so you can send an e-mail to your second Senator too.

We can win this legislation before the end of the year. Your calls, messages and postcards got us this far, but we need your voice now more than ever to cross the finish line.

Thanks for taking action,


Kate Zeller
Campaigns Director