We Won - Eyes, Action on Senate


Together, we did it.

Thanks to your thousands of calls, petitions, postcards and messages - The House of Representatives passed the Corporate Transparency Act by a vote of 249-173, last night.

Our efforts together, also won support from the White House and the US Treasury.

Now - to win, we must move the Senate to pass the Corporate Transparency Act or one of several similar pieces of Jubilee legislation.

Please send an email to your Senators now.

Email your Senators and ask them to cosponsor legislation that reveals the true owners of "anonymous" shell companies. Tell your Senators that this legislation is vital to stop human traffickers, defend vulnerable communities and protect development aid and debt relief.

A decade ago, Jubilee USA found out that debt relief and development aid was stolen by dictators and corrupt officials by using shell companies. As we began our campaign, we saw that human traffickers, arms dealers and criminals who ran Medicare scams - all used "anonymous" shell companies to do their deeds in secret.

Thanks to our partnership and your continued efforts, our Jubilee USA legislation can now become law.

Please take a moment and e-mail the Senate so we can cross the finish line.


Eric LeCompte
Executive Director

Twitter: @Eric_LeCompte

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