Eric Speaks UN General Assembly


Yesterday at the United Nations General Assembly, Jubilee USA's Executive Director, Eric LeCompte addressed world leaders on climate driven weather events, tax havens, rising debt levels and combating global child poverty.

Now is the time we all must act.

You can read Eric’s entire remarks here, or watch his first opening UN General Assembly speech here or his concluding remarks to the morning UN General Assembly here. Watch the entire 3 hour UN General Assembly event here, to see world leaders, Presidents, Prime Ministers, Bill Gates, Eric and UN General Secretary Antonio Guterres discuss our Jubilee issues and efforts.

In his remarks, Eric lifts up debt relief to mitigate extreme weather events, responsible lending and borrowing, budget transparency, a global super bankruptcy process, anonymous shell corporations and tax havens, the Corporate Transparency Act, a global tax body, funding the Sustainable Development Goals and stopping the terrifying reality that 22,000 kids die every day because of poverty.

On behalf of all of us at Jubilee USA there are many people and groups that Eric and our team must thank.

We thank the past United Nations General Assembly President, Her Excellency María Fernanda Espinosa Garcés for asking Eric to speak as a main expert to the UN General Assembly.

We also thank Navid Hanif and the Financing for Sustainable Development Office, the Inter-Agency Task Force on Financing for Development, Stefano Prato and Pooja Rangaprasad from the Society for International Development and we thank the entire Civil Society Forum on Financing for Development.

Eric's remarks to the United Nations General Assembly were only possible because of the research and work of many including: the UN Conference on Trade and Development, the United Nations Development Programme, EURODAD, Jubilee Germany, the International Monetary Fund, the Business Commission, Forbes, UNICEF and UN DESA. We are grateful for the support from the US Government for Eric on our Jubilee UN and IMF efforts.



Kate Zeller
Campaigns Director