News24 Quotes Eric LeCompte on Debt's Effects on Global Development Goals

News24 quotes Eric LeCompte on the G20 and countries' debt effects on reaching the Global Development Goals. Read an excerpt below and click here for the full story.

Africa in the G20: The good, the bad, and the changing climate

By Lenin Ndebele 

Africa is the poorest and most climate-vulnerable region of the globe. And now it forms part of the powerful Group of 20 - technically making it the G21 - via the inclusion of the African Union (AU).

That, some believe, can change a lot of things. 

"This membership, for which we have long been advocating, will provide a propitious framework for amplifying advocacy in favour of the continent and its effective contribution to meeting global challenges," said AU chairperson Moussa Faki Mahamat in a statement.

Africa's primary difficulties were addressed in the New Delhi Declaration, which marked what has been widely regarded as the most progressive G20 summit since the group was founded in 1999 to debate global economic and financial issues.


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