Eric LeCompte mentioned by NPR & WITF on Biden's COVID-19 summit

Eric LeCompte was mention by NPR in a story covering President Biden's COVID-19 summit and rich nations' role in mitigating vaccine inequity. Listen to the full story and read the accompanying article here.   

The U.S. is donating more COVID vaccines and wants other rich nations to pitch in

By Tamara Keith/NPR

Biden defended the U.S. response, saying his first responsibility was to make sure Americans were protected, and arguing that the U.S. donations have been generous. “For every one shot we’ve administered to date in America, we have now committed to do three shots to the rest of the world,” Biden said.

The new tranche of Pfizer doses will be manufactured in U.S. plants and will be bought at a “not-for-profit” price, the officials said. Most U.S. vaccine shipments — 800 million doses — will ship between January and September 2022.

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