Paraguayan Newspaper Última Hora Features the Atlas of Vulnerability

Paraguay-based newspaper Última Hora featured the Atlas of Vulnerability by Jubilee USA and LATINDADD in an article about the challenges Latin American countries face in combatting the COVID-19 pandemic. Read an excerpt below (translated from Spanish) and find the full article here.

Address vulnerabilities to transition to development

This week the Vulnerabilities Atlas was presented, which consists of an interactive platform created by two civil society organizations –Latindadd and Jubilee USA Network– with information from Latin American countries with important indicators of different dimensions of people's lives, such as work, health, education, social protection, the macroeconomic and environmental context of each of the countries.

Paraguay is incorporated into the Atlas with information that comprehensively and holistically shows the main characteristics of its socioeconomic trajectory in recent years.

For the World Bank, our country positioned itself on the international stage as an upper-middle-income country, thanks to the significant growth in GDP in recent years.

However, this positive trajectory of GDP for more than a decade was insufficient to guarantee quality jobs and sufficient tax resources that would allow for universal health, education, social protection policies and effective productive development instruments.

Read the full article here.