Jubilee in the News--A Year of Progress


From The Wall Street Journal to The Hill, Catholic News Service to The Washington Post, and in newspapers from Indonesia to your local newspaper, your support puts media spotlight on the impacts economic policies have on the vulnerable. This year tens of thousands of newspapers, television and radio shows covered Jubilee USA's efforts.

See some of the coverage of Jubilee USA's work below. 

Happy Holidays,


Kate Zeller
Campaigns Director


The IMF, World Bank, Africa Debt and Financial Crisis
The Wall Street Journal (Oct 11)
Global Capital (Oct 15)
New Telegraph (Oct 10)
The Daily Trust (Oct 10)
Sahara Reporters (Oct 10)
BBC World New Live (Oct 10)
Leadership (Oct 9)
The Nation (Oct 9)
Ghana Business News (Sept 5)
ValueWalk (May 17) 
All Africa (Apr 23) 

Small Island Crisis, Caribbean Debt Relief and Hurricane Aid
National Catholic Reporter (Nov 20)
America (Oct 9)
Devex (May 3) 
ValueWalk (April 25)
Bretton Woods Project (April 19)
InDepthNews IDN (Mar 18)
Common Dreams (Mar 16) 

Illicit Financial Flows, Tax Evasion and Transparency
Catholic Profiles (Dec 7)
BBC World New Live (Oct 10)
Ghana Business News (Sept 13)
Common Dreams (Aug 3)
Catholic News Service (May 31)
National Catholic Reporter (May 18)
Bretton Woods Project (April 19)
Common Dreams (Mar 9)

Student Debt
Common Dreams (Dec 7)

Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands
National Catholic Reporter (Nov 20)
The Wall Street Journal (Oct 4) 
Aleteia (Oct 1) 
Bloomberg (Sept 28)
America (Sept 20)
Politico (June 8)
The Bond Buyer (May 31)
ValueWalk (May 17) 
The Hill (April 19)
Bloomberg (April 19)
Metro Puerto Rico (April 18)
National Catholic Reporter (April 16)
ValueWalk (April 2)
Brietbart (March 31)
The Wall Street Journal (March 15)
The Bond Buyer (March 7)
The Intercept (Feb 21)
America (Feb 12)
El Nuevo Dia (Feb 7)
The World Week (Jan 10)
The Tablet (Jan 2)

Vatican Statement on Debt, Tax and Financial Crisis
Catholic News Service (May 31)
National Catholic Reporter (May 18)

NAFTA, Trade, Development and Access to Medicine
America (May 23)
Crux (May 22) 
Catholic News Service (May 22)
NAFTA: Interfaith Statement on Trade and Access to Medicines (May 18)
National Catholic Reporter (May 18)

And more…
Catholic Profiles (Dec 7)
The Wall Street Journal (Oct 11)
Koran Jakarta (Oct 11)
America (Oct 9)
Nearshore Americas (Sept 27)
The National (Sept 17) 
ValueWalk (Jan 4)