Pray with Puerto Rico - 6 Months Later


Today marks the six-month anniversary of Hurricane Maria devastating the island of Puerto Rico. Today, many Puerto Ricans still don’t have reliable access to food, clean water, and other necessities.

Join us as we stand in solidarity and prayer with the people of Puerto Rico today and during services this weekend. Prayer vigils will be held across the country and with our friends on the ground in San Juan. Sign up to let us know you’ll be praying with us for relief and recovery!

Linked to this email below is a prayer you are encouraged to read on behalf of the island. We need your help in making sure those in Puerto Rico know they are not forgotten. As peoples of faith, we stand firm in our beliefs of the transforming power of prayer.

This weekend people of faith in communities, meetinghouses, mosques and synagogues across the country will be praying and acting for relief and recovery for Puerto Rico. Please join us by signing up here.

Six months is too long. Help us win a better future for Puerto Rico by standing with our brothers and sisters on the islands during this anniversary week. Together let us pray that leaders are moved into action on behalf of those suffering on the islands.


Kate Zeller
Campaigns Director
Twitter: @JubileeUSA



Prayer for Puerto Rico

Today marks the six-month anniversary of Hurricane Maria and the devastation that it brought upon our neighbors in Puerto Rico. In the midst of this continued crisis, we both grieve the devastation and loss of life that occurred, and recognize the ways in which you God are present even in these difficult times.

As we consider the many needs of the people of Puerto Rico, we pray for mercy, comfort, and relief for our brothers and sisters in Puerto Rico at this time. We ask for restoration of power, electrical and that which allows for independence.

As people of faith, we will continue to outstretch our arms in support and ask for the help that is beyond our mere means. We pray for the hearts and minds of those in power, that they too might see the needs of your people, and view Puerto Rico with eyes of compassion. We are standing with Puerto Rico.

Thank you, oh God of many names, for the hope that leads us onward. Amen.