Prayer for Student Debt Justice

Depending on your faith tradition and the way your community organizes worship, you can use the following to pray alongside communities across the country. Please feel free to incorporate the below prayer or alter it where appropriate for your faith community where it best fits in your weekend service. In each of your communities you can find the most appropriate place to come together in worship around this important issues.

Interfaith prayer:

We pray for students who are our future, may they not be burdened with unjust and unsustainable debts as they seek to expand their knowledge and prepare to take up the responsibilities as tomorrow's leaders. We pray for those who currently struggle with student loan payments, and those who may struggle in the future. 

We pray for the Members of Congress who must make hard decisions in hard economic times, that they will support and maintain student loan affordability and help to make a more fair and just future. 

We pray that Congress will act in a way that supports students and broader social equity and justice across our communities.