Jubilee USA Statement on IMFC Communiqué

Bali, Indonesia - At the annual IMF and World Bank Meetings, the IMFC released the "Communiqué of the Thirty-Seventh Meeting of the International Monetary and Financial Committee." 

Eric LeCompte Jubilee USA Executive Director releases of the following statement on the International Monetary and Financial Committee Communiqué:

"I share the concern of IMF leadership about future financial crisis. We have not done enough to prevent the next crisis.

"While we have reached consensus that risky behavior and unsustainable debt leads to financial crisis, I am concerned that we have still not reached consensus on the solutions of financial crisis.

"Inequality is on the rise. Risks to the stability of the financial system are growing according to the IMF.

"To prevent the next crisis, we need greater transparency. We must curb corruption and tax evasion and we need a permanent process that can solve debt crisis."