Congress Fails Again to Pass Disaster Aid Package for Puerto Rico, US States and Territories

Religious Development Group Releases Statement

Washington DC - For a third time, the House of Representatives failed to pass a $19.1 billion disaster aid bill to benefit disaster troubled US States and Territories. The Senate passed the disaster package last Thursday. Tennessee Rep. John Rose (R) blocked the legislation Thursday. The legislation, expected to be signed into law by the White House, includes nearly $1 billion in funds for Puerto Rico and expedites the release of $8.9 billion already approved for Puerto Rico disaster relief.

Eric LeCompte the Executive Director of Jubilee USA, a religious development organization, releases the following statement:

"Americans are struggling to recover and are waiting for this disaster assistance.
"We have agreement for disaster assistance from the Senate and the White House.
"We are waiting on the House of Representatives to move forward critically needed aid for US citizens that live from Puerto Rico to California."