Religious Development Group Releases Statement on President Trump Puerto Rico Visit

President Trump is scheduled to make a visit to Puerto Rico on Tuesday, October 3rd, to review disaster relief efforts. Trump may visit the US Virgin Islands which is also undergoing hurricane recovery efforts.‎

Eric LeCompte, Jubilee USA Executive Director, releases the following statement:

"President Trump has an opportunity to ensure Puerto Rico recovers, the island gets out of debt and ‎kids can live healthy lives.

"Not only is Puerto Rico reeling from the hurricanes, it was already wrestling with a financial crisis and nearly 60 percent of kids on the island lived in poverty.

"Going forward we need to be sure that Puerto Rico gets enough aid to rebuild and recover.‎ We also need to be sure that Puerto Rico gets ample debt relief to lift kids out of poverty.‎

"The US Virgin Islands needs more attention and more aid. The Virgin Islands were hit by two category 5‎ hurricanes, has a terrible debt crisis and high child poverty rate."‎