Reuters and Yahoo News Quote Eric LeCompte on Ruto's State Visit

Reuters and Yahoo News quote Eric LeCompte on Kenya's President Ruto's state visit with President Biden. Read an excerpt below, or the full article here.

Biden, Kenya's Ruto to discuss Kenyan debt relief this week

By Andrea Shalal, Trevor Hunnicutt and Steve Holland

Eric LeCompte, executive director of Jubilee USA Network, an interfaith alliance of religious, development and advocacy organizations, said the Ruto visit would send important signals about U.S. policy toward the African continent.

"When Ruto speaks, he's really speaking for Africa. And given that President Biden hasn't had the chance to visit Africa yet, this meeting is not only about Kenya, it's really about sub-Saharan Africa as a whole," LeCompte said.

At a meeting Ruto hosted last month, African leaders called for rich countries to commit record contributions to the World Bank's International Development Association, a low-interest facility that developing nations rely on to help fund their development and combat climate change.

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